1 in A Million Chance to Get a Free Starcraft 2 Key

There's a one in a million shot to get a Starcraft 2 beta key!

Coming from one of the oldest Starcraft 2 News Updater, Sc2Portal is giving away one rare Starcraft 2 beta key.


Facebook DotA Fan Page

DotA All-Stars is on freakin' Facebook.
If you play DotA and have a Facebook, this is for you, geek!
It updates you automatically whenever some new Dota map arrives.


Comodo Firewall and DotaPod problem

If you have COMODO installed, delete the freaking thing.
It's useless and it f*cks up our beloved Dotapod program.

Wanna know why?
Coz Dotapod is built on the Java web started and it affects the program.

Help my PC is showing this little message.

What to do?  What to do?
Stop being so nervous. It's easy. DELETE COMODO and get a better firewall.
Plain and simple.
Any other questions?

Dota Patcher sucks

Leave it to Pendragon's commercial ambitions to release a stupid bullsh*t program like DotA Patcher.
At a bulky 17 MB, this dota program is not worth the hassle of downloading with features that are more or less, trash.

Aside from being useless, the program is also buggy.
It's special feature? Launch Warcraft. Right, as if anyone would be stupid to believe that.
We're better off downloading the Garena program.
Another feature they're boasting about but can't back up? They claim you'll always have the latest maps around. I say, bullsh*t.
You can always download the latest maps from GETDOTA.com - the ONLY official DotA website.
For all those dumb losers who downloaded the program, I feel so sorry for you.
But you can still redeem yourselves by uninstalling the program from your computers.
That way, you can free up some more space for more important stuff like the latest gay BassHunter songs

Advice: Stay away from this DOTA PATCHER. Unless if you want your computer to be vulnerable to malicious scripts by installing unneeded programs. Remember Cuteworm?

Play DotA using your web browser on PC or Mac

Have you ever liked the idea of launching a DOTA game or play any Warcraft III custom game from your internet browser? Stop thinking it was your idea because the guys of DOTAPOD just beat you to it, sucker.

DotAPod makes that idea come true because now, you and your gay friends can play DOTA right from your web browser whatever Operating system you have. Windows PC or Mac? Doesn't matter.

This epic gaming client system is called DotaPod, which they claim actually means DOTA-Play-On-Demand.
But why would you believe 'em suits anyway. It could mean Douchebags Online Trashtalk Around Pricks and Other Dummies. Whatever.

From the creators of the legendary Zion from Israel, comes forth DOTAPOD.
They’ve built DotaPod so you and your fags can have the gay games that make a difference to you cause you're a little sissy every day for the rest of your life. It’s easy to use, plus there are step-by-step help guides to get you started if you're that retarded.
If you've tried Zion, Garena, Battle.net, LANCraft, Battle.Lan or Farsight,blahblahblah. List goes on...
That means you're not dumb enough to use this simple gaming client!
This client loads from a web browser thus, saving you all the hassle of installing all these other forms of game clients, you lazy bums. This service is also for all those OCs who do not like to install too many things on your PC. Below are the requirements of running this client on your web-browser.
  • Java JRE 5 (1.64334536456+) with Java Web Start.
  • (Download Javanese | Do I have Java the Hutt?)
  • Modern web browser - Forget Internet Explorer that's for grandpa. Firefox recommended.
  • Internet connection – broadband only. Dial-ups forget about it
  • For smooth gameplay we recommend a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a pirated copy of the Warcraft III: TFT game. Or you can just buy a brand new PC,prick!
The most retarded game of the world - enjoyed by retards worldwide.

The good thing here is you can host multiple games at once and you dont need to have a valid CD-Key. Yes, this is piracy at it's finest. One more lamel thing about DotaPod is that they have a tracking system for you to track your gameplay, so you will know your losses and know how much you suck at DotA porn stars. Share & compare them with your FUBUs world-wide!

Now head over to DotaPodBlog.blogspot.com to give it a try. If you already have a Zion account you need not have to register again because you can go back to Israel and fight them hordes of invaders. Seriously, it means you can login right away and play. Please also bear with them because they are still in beta stages, trying to fix bugs and latency issues. But shouting F*** you DotAPod to the developers is most welcome. That would help them fix everything wrong with the ONE AND ONLY DOTAPOD.

P.S. We did not steal the idea from iPOD. Steve Jobs stole that idea from us.

Advantages of DotAPod

Great thing about DotAPod is that, it works on any operating system.
It works on an Apple Mac, Windows and even on your favorite Linux distro like Ubuntu.
Heck it even works on your freakin GAMEBOY!

Plus it has retain that classic sound welcoming you to Zion whenever you enter DotApod. That way, you never miss a game!


Best part of all? You can track your gameplay and take note of ALL YOUR wins, you GAME FIXER!

Play with your pokemons worldwide!

History of METAPOD
From the peeps of Zion IRC, MIRC,etc... comes forth the DotaPod.
They created this because they got tired of chatting on #zion, #zincplay #pokemon
so you and your friends can have the games that make a difference to you, every day.
It's easy to use, plus step-by-step guides help you get started.

No more downloading, installing or configuring softwares just to play DotA.
DotAPod only needs a modern browser like Mozilla Firefox to start!
And not some crap browser like Bill Gates' Internet EXXXplorer

With the new game server application, people will not run out of games to join.
But they'll run when the people will not join.